November 17, 2015

Moment crowd bursts into panic caused by false alarm at Paris attacks me...

False alarm triggers evacuation, police deployed at Paris attacks memorial.
Moment crowd bursts into panic caused by false alarm at Paris attacks memorial.

October 27, 2015

Euroster 2006 TX review - how to mount it on floor stand

How to mount this Euroster 2006 TX on floor stand?
This was a very hard task for me. I figured after days and days that this unit must be dissembled and mounted by force on the stand.

First, you must open it from the lateral screw.
Look on the pictures and you will figure how to do this.
You must push that two bottom hooks till you hear a click.

Good luck. 

July 7, 2015

Sony HX400V - how to disable message "Raise the flash"

An annoying message to 'Raise the flash' message does appear on the screen to let you know that using the flash might be a good idea. This happens in Auto Mode.


Answer: The flash can be forced off from Menu. Please do it. The message will gone.

March 7, 2015

Sunrise - sunset photo

Anche se il Sole sembra "salire" dall'orizzonte, è in realtà il movimento della Terra che fa apparire il sole. L'illusione di un sole che si spostano i risultati di osservatori della Terra di essere in un sistema di riferimento rotante; questo moto apparente è così convincente che la maggior parte delle culture avevano mitologie e religioni costruiti attorno al modello geocentrico, che ha prevalso fino astronomo Niccolò Copernico prima formulato il modello eliocentrico nel 16 ° secolo

Beautiful sunrise clouds
© Photographer: Alvera | Agency:
Architetto Buckminster Fuller ha proposto la "sunsight" termini e "sunclipse" per rappresentare al meglio il modello eliocentrico, anche se i termini non sono entrati nel linguaggio comune.

March 2, 2015

How to Repair Your Blade 400 Helicopter

The good thing about ready to fly rc helicopters like the Blade 400 is you don’t have to build them! The bad thing about ready to fly rc helicopters is you don’t have to build them! This means, when it comes time to repair crash damage, you don’t know what all of the parts do and where they all go.

Although, the Blade 400 is fairly simple, it can be somewhat intimidating to a new pilot, especially when you look in the manual at the parts listing and see all of those parts.

Fear not! With a little help from this website, you will learn how to take apart, put back together and repair your Blade 400.

The most common types of crash damages are:
Blade strikes into something (ground, tree, car, house, neighbor’s dog, etc...). This means replacing the Blades and most probably the Feathering Shaft, Main Shaft, Servo Gears and possibly the Main Gear.
Blade strikes into the Boom (AKA Boom Strike). This means replacing the above mentioned Blades, Feathering Shaft, Main Shaft, Servo Gears, Main Gear, Boom and maybe even the Tail Rotor Belt.
Tail Rotor strikes into something (ground, tree, car, house, neighbor’s dog, girl friend / boy friend, etc...). This means replacing the Tail Rotor Blades, Tail Rotor Shaft, possibly the Servo Gears, one or both bearings and sleeping on the sofa.
more info:

Helicopter repair team
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February 5, 2015

Save Rosia Montana!


Roșia Montană Project is a gold and silver mining project initiated by Roșia Montană Gold Corporation in Roşia Montană, Romania. If approved, it would become Europe's largest open-pit gold mine and it would use the gold cyanidation mining technique. Currently, the project is on-hold awaiting a parliamentary decision.

The benefits of the state consist of 20% of the shares owned by the publicly owned company Minvest Deva and the 6% royalties of the gold and silver extracted not taking into consideration other valuable metals such as Wolfram, Uranium, Tellurium, Germanium, Titan, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt, Gallium, Bismuth, Arsenic or the Potassium-Feldspar. a Romanian company established in 1997, in Alba County, based in Roșia Montană, whose shareholders are the State-owned mining company Minvest Deva - with 19.31%, Gabriel Resources – with 80.46% (listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (GBU symbol)) and other minority shareholders – with 0.23%.

The project met a significant resistance from environmental groups and from neighbouring European countries, culminating in the nationwide protests by thousands of people across the country since September.

A number of locals refuse to sell their properties to the Roșia Montană Gold Corporation and, in order for the project to commence, the state would need to exercise eminent domain. (source: wikipedia)

February 2, 2015

Clouds over creepy moon

Clouds over creepy moon. My last video footage approved for sale on Dreamstime.

Moon clouds wind move
© Photographer: Alvera | Agency:

Clouds sky timelapse

Now Dreamstime accept 60 seconds lenght videos!

Clouds sky timelapse
© Photographer: Alvera | Agency:

February 1, 2015

Micnova macro tubes repair disassembly

One of Micnova macro tubes for Nikon DSLR was faulty. I disassembled it for repairing. Very hard to assembly again but operation successfully.  More photos to come. All rights reserved AlveraPhoto.

In the first photo is the aperture change piece. In my tube this piece was bend and I had big friction betwen piece and body. At lower apertures like f18, f22, the tube was not usable.

 Be careful at that spring, will jump inside the tube or out and gone lost forever. There are 3 springs in the tube.

You can see another spring here.

 Take care how this front piece (the white one, foreground in the photo), enter in that fork. Is important.

For Canon and Nikon Extension tubes are designed to enable a lens to focus closer than its normal set minimum focusing distance. Getting closer has the effect of magnifying your subject (making it appear larger in the viewfinder and in your pictures).

They are exceptionally useful for macro photography, enabling you to convert almost any lens into a macro lens at a fraction of the cost while maintaining its original optical quality.

The extension tubes have no optics. They are mounted in between the camera body and lens to create more distance between the lens and film plane.

Moving the lens further away from the film or CCD sensor in the camera, the lens is forced to focus much closer than normal. The greater the length of the extension tube, the closer the lens can focus.

The Micnova Auto Extension Tube Set contains three tubes of different lengths, 13 mm, 21 mm, and 36 mm.
Each of the tubes can be used individually or indeed in any combination to obtain the desired magnification.

January 22, 2015

Sunrise clouds sky on fire

As a ray of white sunlight travels through the atmosphere to a point from Earth, some of the colors are scattered out of the beam by air molecules and airborne particles from Earth, changing the final color of the beam from a human observer. Because the shorter wavelength components, blue and green, scatter more strongly, these colors are removed from the initial beam. At sunrise and sunset, when the path through the Earth atmosphere is longer, the blue and green components are removed almost completely leaving the longer wavelength orange and red hues we see at those times. The remaining reddened sunlight can then be scattered by cloud droplets and other relatively large particles to light up the horizon red and orange. So this sunrise is a beautiful sunrise for our eye because of physics laws. But sunrise is always beautiful Our life must be a sunrise all the time. Kids are sunrise.
Beautiful sunrise clouds
© Photographer: Alvera | Agency: