January 27, 2012

Winter storm or bugs in the summer night?

Street light in snow storm at nightMy last approved photo on Dreamstime. 
A lonely street light in winter storm. The snow flakes are like bugs in the summer.

1/6 sec at f 5.6, ISO 400, 300 mm telephoto lens.
© Photographer: Alvera | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Chance of becoming a millionaire overnight: my personal contest!

You must guess if this picture is made in winter or in summer. There are bugs or snow flakes around that street light?

If your guess is correct, you'll receive the big grand prize of a million kisses. If more than one person correctly guesses the answer, there will be a drawing for the million kisses from among all correct guesses.
And if no one correctly guesses the truth, the ten closest guessers will each receive a big hug, a beer or a chocolate. ;)


  1. is it a train speeding down the tracks in a summer day attracting bugs with it's main light?

  2. Maybe an old train with an old gas light.