April 2, 2016

Jose Mujica, ex-preşedintele Uruguayului, considerat „cel mai sărac şef de stat din lume”
Posted by Curaj.TV on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

March 9, 2016

Never buy Samsung Smart TV again

Every single day I got messages on my screen beeing disturbed watching TV.
No chance to get rid of them, searched forums and calling support team.
Very annoying! The Hub Update is daily and the update took about 2-3 minutes! Never  buy Samsung Smart TV for sure.

January 29, 2016

Testing Sony HX400V in camera down sampling

Hello. I did some tests to see if, at high ISO, down sampling in-camera photos are better.
Please see attached bellow same picture at 20 MP, 10 MP and 5 MP.
I see no differences, 20 MP looks a little bit better regarding noise.
Also, no differences at sharpening.
I used tripod, manual focus, same WB, timer. ISO 2000.
So, I think that Sony HX400V cut the lines from sensor and did not do a smart pixels blending or any other technology to offer better images at small resolutions. This is too bad. Am I wrong?

The full images size can be seen or downloading for comparing here:

or here:

January 1, 2016

Sony Zeiss lens flare problem

Very disappointed. Got lens flare on Sony HX400v digital camera on all my new year fireworks photos! It is a shame for Sony or for Carl Zeiss? This problem is very bad.

Setting used: Scene - Fireworks. On this setting the camera use 2" shutter speed, ISO 80. But the lens flare are present in every mode, Manual, Aperture etc. This is too bad for Sony!

December 4, 2015

Samsung Smart TV bad software


I have the exact same problem. My Samsung suffered from the horrible firmware problem reported for months and months now. After doing everything suggested on the many threads about similar problems, including a factory reset, eventually we got it fixed. Or so it seemed.

Now, it cycles through the same BS every single time it's turned on. It hangs for a while not responding to the smarthub button, then reboots, turning off then on, on its own. Then it hangs again, telling me it's updating if the smarthub button is pressed, which takes anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes!!! Then it reboots itself again, and THEN goes to the smarthub when the button is pressed.

It does this every time, without fail, occasionally going through that whole cycle again one time more before we can actually use the TV.

This is well past asinine, and I honestly want to jump onto some sort of class action lawsuit at this point. This is very obviously some sort of critical error on Samsung's end, that they are either unwilling or unable to fix.

My wifi card/chip is definitely shot, it's plugged directly into the router with a LAN cable. The firmware is definitely the most recent update, confirmed repeatedly.

But yes, it seems to completely reinstall the entire smarthub update and who knows what else, every...single...time the TV is turned on.

October 27, 2015

Euroster 2006 TX review - how to mount it on floor stand

How to mount this Euroster 2006 TX on floor stand?
This was a very hard task for me. I figured after days and days that this unit must be dissembled and mounted by force on the stand.

First, you must open it from the lateral screw.
Look on the pictures and you will figure how to do this.
You must push that two bottom hooks till you hear a click.

Good luck. 

July 7, 2015

Sony HX400V - how to disable message "Raise the flash"

An annoying message to 'Raise the flash' message does appear on the screen to let you know that using the flash might be a good idea. This happens in Auto Mode.


Answer: The flash can be forced off from Menu. Please do it. The message will gone.